Varicose vein Treatment is minimally invasive with sclerotherapy sessions usually lasting less than half an hour.

Your Treatment Journey

To make your first consultation with Dr Sharier as productive as possible, we ask new patients to come prepared. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you first visit Laser Vein Clinic at Sefton Medical Centre, with a complete understanding of what to expect. Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring the followings-

  • A photo ID

  • Your medicare/healthcare/pensioner card

  • Completed new patient forms( save time to Register Online now)

  • Referral from you GP for Duplex Ultrasound of Lower limb (GP Referral Form- print it and signed by your GP)

  • Summary of your health from your GP and wear loose, comfortable shorts.

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GP Referral Form Please print out the referral form and get it signed by your GP  before you come in.

Mohammad Sharier, MBBS, FRACGP

Dr. Mohammad Sharier is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and he has decades of experience as a medical practitioner.

Through his work as a specialist procedural family physician Dr. Sharier developed an interest in Skin cancer surgery and vein treatment.

Our Patients Walk Away Healthy And Happy

Simple, Safe & Effective Vein Treatment

Formulating Your Personalized Treatment Plan:

At your first meeting, Dr Sharier will discuss your health history, examine your legs, evaluate your condition, and answer all of your questions. He will also do an duplex ultrasound and/or venous mapping which will assist in a diagnosis, treatment plan, and estimated number of treatments.

Dr Sharier will do Venous Duplex ultrasound to evaluate your venous circulation and produce a “venous map” of your vein system within the leg and not visible on your skin. Venous mapping is a painless and noninvasive procedure that helps our doctors identify where your vein system is normal and where there are issues, helping make your vein treatment safer and more efficient.

Dr Sharier will the formulate a treatment plan in discussion with you and he will make  sure you feel at ease throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to ongoing treatments and follow-up appointments.

Follow-up for long-term health and wellness:

Treating vein disease is very seldom a one-and-done procedure. Our treatment protocols and follow-ups are designed to verify that your treatment was successful, as well as identify potential future problems before they develop. While it is highly unlikely that the targeted veins we treat will ever come back, other veins in your legs may become abnormal over time and our goal is to promote successful, long-term results.

Comprehensive Care

A More Complete Approach To Patient Care.

Every Patient is Different.

Whether your goals are cosmetic, health-related, or general wellness, our approach is to get you back to your active lifestyle as soon as possible, and our customized treatment plans reflect that. Treating Chronic Venous disease is very seldom a “one-and-done” procedure, and every patient is different. So rather than cite a range or average number of vein treatments here, we recommend you get an estimate from Dr Sharier. He will address your possible number of treatments based on the initial examination of your specific condition.

While it is highly unlikely that the treated veins will ever come back, other veins in your legs may become abnormal over time. Our follow-up program is designed to identify and treat potential future problems early to avoid painful symptoms and complications, promoting successful, long-term results for you.

Have a examination your legs and recommend a treatment program customized to your specific condition by Dr Sharier